Membership FAQ

How do I cancel my membership?
You may pick up or download a cancellation form.

Why did I get billed after submitting my request to cancel?
A final bill will draft after submission of cancellation as we require 3 days notice prior to your draft date to cancel an account.

How can I update my billing information?
You may update your billing information in stores.

When can I freeze my membership?
You can freeze your membership anytime up to 3 months for a minimum of 30 days.

How do I freeze my membership?
You may fill out a freeze form to freeze your membership with a 3-day notice prior to your draft date.

Is there a referral reward if I refer my friends?
Absolutely! You will receive $5 freeze bucks for every friend you refer to the Healthy Glow Tanning.

May I make a cash payment in advance?
Yes, please be sure to pay at least 3 days prior to your draft date.

Who do I contact if I cancelled, but I still continue to get charged?
Please contact

I want to cancel my membership, but I am still in obligation. What forms of relocation do you accept to release me from my agreement?
If you are cancelling due to medical disability we will need valid proof of a Doctor’s note. If you are cancelling for military we will need military orders. If you are relocating we will need one of the following to prove you have relocated more than 25 miles from one of our locations:

·       Valid Driver’s License issued within the past 60 days

·       Lease Agreement or proof of purchase of house

·       Utility bill

·       Cable bill

·       Phone Bill

·       Voter’s Registration Card

·       Proof of Car Insurance

·       Pay Stub

I did not realize after my agreement was fulfilled that it continued on a month to month basis. Who do I need to contact to discuss this?
You may contact Healthy Glow Tanning and they will get you a copy of your membership agreement.