Q. Why Airbrush Tanning over Spray Booths?

The results of Spray Tan Booths can’t compare to the results of Custom Airbrush Tanning. Spray Booths leave uneven results and solutions often run and gather in the wrong places. Most spray booth solutions will leave you sticky and with unnatural results. Spray Booth Formulas are usually cheap, un-organic solutions loaded with synthetic ingredients. Spray Booths also promote inhalation of the solution by misting the entire space around you.

Q. Will my Airbrush Tan look orange?

NO! Here at Healthy Glow we use Norvell Venetian, chosen as the #1 Spray Tanning Solution by Salon Professions worldwide!  It's an exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers, that  blends with all skin tones to produce a dark, long-lasting tan without the 'orange' look!

Q. Is DHA safe?

DHA is a non-toxic sugar molecule, derived from natural sources. Our DHA is eco-certified DHA & derived from sugar cane. DHA has been FDA approved for exterior cosmetic use only. In 2010 The European Commission concluded unanimously that DHA is completely safe for airbrush tan application.

Q. What do I do before and after my appointment?

Visit our  Before & After Care for info.

Q. What is the Airbrush Tanning Experience?

We  start with a consult on what type of tan you are looking to achieve.  We  then customize your tan to your specifications & skin type. You will then disrobe.  Application will begin.  We will walk you through the entire process until it is complete.  Application takes around 10-15 minutes. After your tan dries you may place your clothes back on. The whole process takes no longer that 20 min for a new client and 10-15min for recurring.

Q. What if I am uncomfortable nude?

We want you to feel comfortable. We have tanned many in the buff. We have also tanned many people in bathing suits, bikini bottoms and thongs. Whatever you are comfortable with. Men however must be covered with an undergarment at all times and accompanied by a female.  Female minors must also be covered unless parental consent states otherwise.

Q. How long will my tan last?

Depending on client prep and proper maintenance our tans last average 5-7.  Our recommended, paraben-free tan extending creme can lengthen and enhance your tan an additional 3-5 days!

Q. Is it safe to Airbrush tan while pregnant?

I leave this decision to the client and their physician. That being said, we spray tan preggos all the time! The solutions are: 

  • Paraben Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Sulfate Free

  • Nut-Allergen Free

  • Propylene Glycol Free

  • Phthalates Free

  • Synthetic Fragrance Free

Q. When should I tan for my event?

You should schedule your session 48 hours before your event.

Q. When should I tan for my Wedding?

Optimally 48 hours before your wedding day. We urge brides who have never spray tanned with us, to “Trial Tan” before your big day! This is so we can properly formulate your tan and make sure you are happy with the final color.  Get the girls together for a Pre-Bachelorette Party! Check our wedding specials :)