With St. Patrick’s Day, wedding season and summer around the corner, it is a great time to throw a spray tanning party. A spray tanning party is an excellent way to have all of your close friends over, drink wine, eat snacks and get a gorgeous, golden tan. Follow these steps to have a successful and fun spray tan party at your house.

1. Book a mobile spray tan technician
Contact Healthy Glow Tanning and arrange for a day and time. Let us know how many people you are expecting so you can figure out the exact time frame and if one technician is enough.

2. Send out invitations or an E-vite
Gather the addresses or email address of everyone that you want to invite to your spray tan party. Select a fun invitation and include all the details of the party, such as time, date, address and what to wear. Recommend that your guests wear loose fitting, dark clothing and read through the Before & After Care info. You can put this information on the invitation or tell them when they RSVP.

3. Set up a spray tanning area
Clear out a small area in your house and set it up to be the spray tan area. We recommend doing this the day before the party to make sure nothing comes up that day. Having a designated area makes sure that all airbrush tanning solution and supplies are confined and makes it seem more professional. Your mobile spray tan technician will bring a pop up tent so that nothing will get in your house. This will allow guests to feel comfortable and will save your floor from any solution over spray.

4. Make themed snacks and drinks
Sun, swim suit or beach decorated cupcakes and cookies get everyone in the mood for a tan! You can also make some great low calories drinks, like a skinny margarita or wine spritzer, to help everyone relax. Purchase small umbrellas for the drinks to remind your guests of the beach.

Have fun and make sure your guests feel comfortable at all times! Make it a day to remember by going above and beyond to treat it like a tropical getaway that results in a beautiful, bronze color. Take a picture once the color has developed, you and your guests will love having a photo of the flattering tans!